ok so to clarify, is monarch techically "using" ozpin's body? ie if we got ozpin back (i know we cant this is just theoretical) would he still have weird horn things or what (kinda like how yang will be missing her hand, hair etc when she comes back) and if so, why is he like that? i dont see how he came out of his body then came back to the old one without turning back to ozpin

No, he’s not like 3D

Monarch is an entity in his own entity body! King used the same body, but it isn’t Ozpin’s body.

If it was possible for Ozpin to return (which it isn’t, mind you), he would have his own body back, deleting Monarch’s.

is there anyway to save ozpin or is he just long gone

Is this the new character list question?

Once again! Like every time! Like the answer has always been! Will always be! At Every Instance Of ThiS qQUestion!!!!

No!! Let it go!!


Yepp.. still making these kinds of fanart

therwbyquest so I said I was making Glynarch… again.. here it is. ; 3;

why did u add a frowny face to the responce of monarch going though ozpins computer?

'cause Monarch makes me sad

Both of ozpin’s entities make me sad.

ever wonder if monarch went to ozpins office and just went though ozpins photos and things trying to figure out the questions he is asking ruby? (obviously he didnt couldnt come up with anything except those personal photos of glynda)

Yeah, I think he would.


i feel like monarch would just destroy his computer if the animatroics scared him

he breaks like 7 computers a month, minimum, because of things scaring him

I feel like Monarch wouldn't even be freaked out by the animatronics, but by the fact that he failed to keep everything in perfect order.

Oh no he’d be 200 whole freaked out and probably shaking a little by the end

There’s probably also a factor of the perfectionism involved as well, yes

He’d just be a mess of screaming paranoia and agony

(Then 3D comes in and asks why he’s still playing and tells him to go to bed) (They have to take care of this fucking wreck of a man)

may all the lines you draw turn out as smooth as a baby's butt and may ur art program function at the speed of fast. also may u find your favourite snack in the fridge next time you open it

thank u for this blessing anon uwu

am i the only one wondering what monarch playing five nights at freddies would be like?

I know I know! He’s obsessively checking every screen and getting incredibly paranoid all the time. When the inevitable game over jumpscare, he screams like a bitch and has to go make himself some tea to calm down

43 pages? jesus fucking christ man thats alot of questions for monarch

0115 was 49 pages bruh

some questions take several pages and also he asks his in between

and this one has less questions than 0115