Have you ever read Go get a roomie? It's a pretty neat comic with a vast cast of characters with a wide array of sexuality's and it's an interesting read when you got the time. I think you might like it! :D

I tried reading it like THREE YEARS AGO but I never really got into it…and then i just kinda forgot

Maybe I’ll try again, because I do like all of these things you mentioned

so i finally caught up to rwbyquest and im literally bawling like a baby cAUSE NORA COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED BUT NOW SHES DEAD DEAD

The deadest </3 rip meme princess

i have a big homo crush on the gm. senpai pls notice me

but in answering this ask, hasn’t gmsan already noticed u?

Consider yourself…..NOTICED

i do not know what u mean by Homoromantic Asexual. please explain

in its simplest terms, it means i LOVE GIRLS but no sex

It means I am romantically attracted to people of the same gender as myself, but I don’t feel any sexual attraction to anyone

They are different and one can function perfectly fine without either (or both) :>

what sexuality is the Gamemum?

glyndasexual Homoromantic asexual

I was wondering - do /you/, questmun, ship 3D and Yang? Since you've hinted at it in the past, I think...

I ship everything I can get my hands on if it involves girls

Don’t underestimate me anon 8)

Oh, and here’s some art from March

Now that Monarch is confirmed dead, does that mean we've reached end game?

"Endgame" is an entire phase of gameplay in itself.

Whether or not it just started, we are certainly in the endgame.

Is it the end yet? No. Endgame…yeah.

Still, moves remain to be made. Have fun, and finish in style.


I just had a look in my art folder and found this yang pic, dated september 2013

quest started february 2014

now i’m not saying i’m psychic, but,